Jun 12, 2009

2009 Topps Series 2 Pack Break

I don't buy or open many new packs, so I'd figure I'd share probably my only pack of 2009 Topps Series 2 that I will purchase this year (Though I have to see if I should I get a hobby box).

Here it comes.



CLOSER! DUCK! Here's Huston Street sending his greetings from the Rocky Mountains with a ball in your grill.

And here he is in a more sanguine setting, at a reliever's convention. One, K-Rod, pictured in his new uniform. The other, Jason Isringhausen, unable to let go of his old one. I can sympathize; I also had major withdrawal from the city of St. Louis (surely I jest). Does this mean he'll get an Updates & Highlights card with his new Tampa threads?

I also got a double dose of Mr. Jeter. We all know his story. Is he underly underrated or overly overrated or has he completely jumped through the ratings system altogether? Either way, he has had some great years (i.e. 1999, 2006) and is a bonafide star.

Also, what is a Toppstown? Can I drive a Toppsmobile and eat a Toppsberry muffin at the Toppsbucks coffee shop?

Here is an elegant Turkey Red insert of Lance Berkman; his bat is larger than the world. This is up for trade for a Phillies Turkey Red insert.

Here's the rest of the pack: Lyle Overbay doing some first base yoga, Dan Haren exhibiting style, Jordan Schafer (with an official rookie card logo) demonstrating his golf swing, Mike Scoscia surveying the field with shades, Wandy Rodriguez concentrating on pitching without breathing, and Rajai Davis sliding in for a hug.

Pack Grade: B (Turkey Red insert and one star card)
Reasons to buy more: Palatable design, some enjoyable insert sets (Career Best, Legends of the Game, Turkey Red)
Reasons to Stay Away: To boycott shortprint variations of flagship set (though I want them), relics and autos have a weak checklist for significant box buying.
Collectability of Topps Series 2: B- (base set checklist not as strong as series 1)
Chances of buying a hobby box: 44% (I need to find some series 1 first)

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