Jun 19, 2009

Topps All Time Fan Favorites vs. Original: Hank Aaron

Like many people I was not really an active collector during the 1999-2006 era of card autos, relics, and shininess. Therefore, I was unable to properly obtain and appreciate what I think was one of the more innovative card sets of that period, the 2003-2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Series.

These aren't reprints like the Topps Archives sets nor were they players on new designs. These were new images with the retro designs with the twist being that the new image was supposed to be taken from the same period as that card design.

Another great aspect of the Topps All Time Fan Favorites set is that the card backs are also identical to the original card design with one exception. The stats for the player only encompass the years in which the players were on that team, including the team career totals. I like that a lot, it really gives the set focused.

I was fortunate to be able to purchase both the 2003 and 2005 sets off ebay each for the same price as a blaster. It is really fun to sort through these cards and remember what players bring back memories of days gone by. Some of them are as recent as Edgar Martinez in a 2003 Topps design.

Anyway, once I get my feet back on the ground and I am not pursuing too many other card goals. I would like to pair up as many as these cards as possible with the original just because it would be fun to look at.

This is the first one that I was able to locate. It's one of two Hank Aaron cards I have and luckily, it was represented in the All Time Fan Favorites set.

This is an iconic card, celebrating when Hank Aaron was anticipating to pass Babe Ruth at the onset of the 1974 season.

Which do you prefer: the 1974 Topps #1 or the modern re-working of the classic...or maybe a little of both?

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Fatty McGee said...

Have to go with the new one. Awesome set. I agree.