Jun 6, 2009

The World Series Phillies Project: Update 2

This time I don't have any cards to share, but I just would like to show some of the results of laboring in front of old checklists and price guides. I have completed the majority of the checklist for all the 1980 Phillies (excepting Schmidt and Carlton, they each will have their own checklist).

I've posted the link on the sidebar under "Wantlists", calling it the "1980 Phillies Card Database". Please check it out.

If you notice, there are some questions marks in the spreadsheet. These are cards either for which I couldn't locate with my eyes scanning set checklists or may not exist.

If you have any information at all about any of the players or cards listed in the "database", especially the question marks, please leave it in the comments. Any information help is greatly appreciated.

Oh yes, let the quest begin! (though I'm not sure where to begin)


Jim said...

Very ambitious, and this will definitely be a cool collection! I can help with some of the missing links for your rookie cards list: Bystrom's only rookie card was the '81 Topps card; Ramon Aviles, Dicke Noles and Kevin Saucier are pictured on card #682 in '80 Topps; George Vukovich is in '81 Topps (#598) and '81 Fleer (#21); Luis Aguayo appears in '82 Topps (#449), '82 Donruss (#622) and '82 Fleer (#238); Jay Loviglio appears in '81 Topps (#526); Randy Lerch is in '76 Topps (#595); No "Big 3" cards for the following - Isales, McCormack, Munninghoff (although minor league cards exist for all 3).

Dan said...

Thanks for the info. I will incorporate these my next spreadsheet update.