Jun 17, 2009

2007 Sweet Spot Group Break Results

I recently participated in a 2007 Sweet Spot 10 tin group break hosted by I Am Joe Collector. It was a random team drawing, I purchased two teams, and I ended up with the Mariners and Mets...both decent draws in my opinion.

Why would I participate in a group break like this? Well, I really liked the look of Sweet Spot autos in general, and I wanted one. (disappointment on that front,but I'll live) I also would never buy a box of this on my own, though individual box(tin) prices have now fallen below $50.00. The reason is simple, the checklist and autos you receive in a 6 card box just don't have a strong enough checklist to maintain the original price point. I'm not sure who, but someone pulled an amazing Alex Gordon/Billy Butler 1/1 rookie dual auto. Whenever (ifever), the redemption is fulfilled, it will be a card to admire.

Here's my not too modest nor overwhelming haul.

First, is a base card of Adrian Beltre. All base cards are individually numbered to 850...on the front of the card. Way to have an intrusive design element. There's nothing in the base cards that screams to me...rarer than most base cards and also expensive to purchase. I prefer the 2008 Upper Deck design.

Here are the remaining base cards I received: King Felix, Hamstrung Jose Reyes, and the hidden speedster, David Wright. I may be a Phillies fan, but I recognize that the Mets have talented individual players.

I also received a Sweet Swatch Memorabilia card (packed one or two per tin) of Carlos Beltran. Read this site sometime (arguably, the most fun baseball site to read on the net) and search the archives about Carlos Beltran. The man is a natural player and only a Carlos-come-lately Met. Anyone remember the 2004 playoffs?

Here's a shaven Jason Giambi that the kind host bestowed upon me as one of the unclaimed cards. It's a nice bonus, and here in Oakland, Giambi is still well-remembered.

This is the one auto I received. This card is thick....really thick...and that really is a plastic helmet in there. These are packed one per tin. Ryan Rowland-Smith is an Aussie battling back from an injury on rehab at AAA. I expect great things...but only because I have an autographed rookie of him.

2007 Sweet Spot is (or was) a high end product that failed to meet collector's expectations. Though I did enjoy receiving the cards and participating in the group break.

Group Break Haul: B- (no sweet spot auto, didn't beat the odds)
Host Grade: A (cool video, fast delivery)
Collectability of 2007 Sweet Spot: D (numbered base set, limited checklist of not enough stars and too many obscure rookies for the autos)
Reason to come back for more: I only want the Hamels Sweet Spot Auto, avoid boxes if you can and purchase singles.
Reason to avoid: small amount of cards, few worthy big hits to justify price point, this should merge with Sweet Spot Classic into a dual faced product of some kind.
Odds of purchasing a hobby box: 11%

1 comment:

stusigpi said...

Grand Cards got the 1/1.

I have to say, in retrospect, this product should only be busted in large quantities thus only high end buyers should buy this product. Some of the tins were absolutely horrid.

We did get some nice cards like the 1/1, the Jeremy sowers glove, the Kearns bat Barrel, the billingsly gold auto and the Hunter Pence /9 sweet spot auto.

So many of the auto were awful. No offense to the players, but a faded Boof Bonzer sweet spot was a bit rough.