Jun 18, 2009

Set Completion: 1987 Topps

A journey has been completed. My first large hand collated set in years has been completed. The internet really is a lifeblood for random common cards.

This is the last card I needed: 104, Billy Sample. I don't think I've ever seen this card before or recall watching him play. That is only fitting because he has been the gaping black hole preventing the end of the pursuit. Talk about a 9 year career in relative obscurity (any Rangers fans disagree?)

One journey ends, but others must continue, please see my wantlists here. I would love to trade. Just be patient with me. My inventory is really not that large.
Anyone else looking to complete this set of 1987 Topps; I have many extra. Bring me your wantlists and I'll see what I can do.


Joe S. said...

Hmmm... could there have possibly been SPs in '87 Topps?!?! Limited to just 100,000 print runs?!?!

Nice set. I always liked 87 Topps, and with as cheap as boxes are these days, completing these monstrosity sets are as easy (well... cheap) as ever! Congrats!

So... what's next?

Dan said...

I have a few side collections in the works. Also, many long-term projects. All in all, I'll probably focus on Allen and Ginter during the summer.

What do you have going? If you like early '90s Score, you can maybe try '94 or '95 Fleer, mid-'90s Metal Universe, or some now affordable early 90s Stadium Club...