Jul 7, 2009

The Problem with Obsessions....

..is that you can't stop thinking about them. As I mentioned previously, 2007 Allen and Ginter was truly an obsessive card collecting moment. Not only was it a pursuit for the complete everything that existed, it also shadowed every movement I took during those few months. In the some of the next few posts (as I await my 2009 box to arrive), I'll go through what I collected then and how it correlates with what I hope to collect (funds allowing) for 2009. Hang onto your hats...because it's coming!

Mr. Planter will again show his happy face for all collectors on the rear of many mini-cards as well as in randomly inserted advertisements.

Icons will be honored, even mythical and unexpected ones.

The same faces will grace the card fronts with presence and the trappings of retro style.

Other faces, newly minted from the minor leagues, will lend their image to be splashed with background color.

All champions from all walks of sport and life shall have their day in the Allen and Ginter sun.

And historical figures will be remembered as well.

Can you not feel the excitement? So many reasons to anticipate, so little time to wait.

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