Dec 4, 2009

2007 Ultimate Collection Group Break Results

I participated in the 2007 Ultimate Collection group break (distributed by hit number) run at Saints of the Cheap Seats. It was very timely and the cards arrived as they are shown below.

Paul Konerko Ultimate Star Materials (unnumbered). It's a very grey card. The question is really why an unnumbered white swatch jersey set was inserted into a $40 per pack product.

Here's the base card (#d to 450). I was lucky enough to claim Jimmy Rollins. The base card's major design element seems to be the bar running down the middle of the card. I am also a terrible scanner and the card is missing an edge.
and lastly, I received a signed rookie auto of Fred Lewis (#d to 299). The auto is nice. What else can I say? Plus, he's a speedster on the major league roster. I like speed.

Thanks to Dan for running an enjoyable break.

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