Dec 22, 2009

Profile Derby Poll: The Beginnings of the Creation of a Blog HOF Ballot

I think I've finished with the first round of the non-HOFers with memorable careers (to me anyway) profilings. So, here's the poll question (see the sidebar): Which of these players deserves to be and/or have a shot at the Hall of Fame?

I haven't said that they all do or any do. But wouldn't it be a just world if we could shed more light on more great players' careers?

I think I would like to create a larger, more inclusive Veteran's Committee ballot with a larger electorate.

This will be step one for that. Every so often, a new poll with five new players will appear (which there will be a corresponding post for). The top 3 will make the blog VC ballot....definitely need an idea for a name.

Once enough names are collected, let's vote! All suggestions for names for future polls are welcome in the comments.

Once a poll is up, the profiles will begin as well to give you some basic information.

Any questions? Comments? Ideas?

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