Dec 14, 2009

Trades and Rumors, 6 months later...Halladay edition

There's the rumblings of a deal in the works in which the Phillies end up with Roy Halladay for 3-4 years under contract as the end result. (Source: Jon Heyman on The other principle involved in this probable 3 team deal seems to be 2009 playoff ace Cliff Lee, who is rumored to be headed to the Seattle Mariners.

I am in shock.

Stay tuned for analysis and implications for each team involved once the deal is finalized.

I am in shock.


Joe S. said...

Yeah, I'm not sure I really get this trade. I mean, between the two I'd rather have Hallady, but were they completely unable to sign Lee to an extension? He seems to be a much cheaper alternative... or perhaps Lee's demands are not making him cheaper any more???

Brad said...

3 more years 60 million, get me some season tickets!