Dec 1, 2009

Profile Derby of those left behind (non-HOF edition): Introduction

Like a lot of baseball fans, I'm fairly obsessed with the Hall of Fame balloting which occurs every January. Most fascinating to me is how writers come down on some pretty wild-eyed horses trying to defend their selections. (Anyone ever read Woody Paige's article from a couple of years ago saying he voted for someone, maybe Goose Gossage, because they were once nice during an interview?). T

There's another side that gets overlooked. Who are those who are left behind, and therefore are less remembered, than others that reach the Hall of Fame? The players will be presented generally by WAR (wins above replacement)with a focus on interesting position players who finished in the top 150 all-time of WAR and pitchers who finished in the top 100 all-time of WAR. All lists were furnished by

PLayers considered were those who are no longer on a ballot of any kind (Veterans Committee, BBWAA), and had careers either surprisingly better than remembered or hardly remembered at all.

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