Dec 17, 2009

Three Unknown Ex-Phillies Prospects

Here's a quick look at some old prospects from the Phillies organization. Really, it's an excuse to post a handful of cards that I received from Brian at Play at the Plate. These are all very cool and I've never seen most of these brands before.

Anderson Machado was a middle infielder with a great glove who made AA before his 20th birthday in 2000. He then was stuck in AA for almost 3 years, gaining plate discipline, but striking out too much. I was upset when the Phillies traded him to the Reds in 2004 for Todd Jones.

Jorge Padilla was the #13 Phillies prospect in 2004. His stock fell after an injury-plagued 2003 season and a disappointing 2002. After 2001, in A+ Clearwater, he was considered a toosy outfielder with speed. This was Michael Taylor before he developed. Padilla never did and left the organization after the 2005 season. He made his major league debut in 2009 with the Washington Nationals at the age of 29.

I never heard of Franklin Nunez. But I like the ticket stub embedded in the card. Fleer Authentix was there before Topps Ticket to Stardom.

Well, prospects are just what they are...young players with ability who have yet to harness it at the major league level if they get the opportunity. Receiving prospects for proven players has always been a dicey business, as has the other way around.

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