Feb 12, 2010

My first 2010 Cards..Finally

I haven't had the time lately to post my usual rambling thoughts, but sometimes it's just nice to share card images. Here's the first 2010 cards that I've been able to lay my hands on.

There has been a lot of talk about the Prince Fielder card, but it is definitely one of the most original poses for a single player card that I remember seeing.

Ian Kinsler is posing as if it's 1911, and I was pleasant;y surprised by the 1951 Topps style cards. As you can see, they are much smaller than the standard sized card; but they're too big for my mini-card top loaders. What do I do with it?

Here's a set of cards of pitchers pitching mid-windup. Pat Neshek has the classic submarine windup, which I've always loved to see. Ross Ohlendorf and Mike Gonzalez are following through with gusto. The horizontal orientation really expands the image zone. The Gonzalez card is kind of a zoomed in version of the 2009 Topps Jon Lester card.

And lastly, here are players doing other things. Vlad Guerrero has just impaled a pitch and sent it to the stratosphere for one of the last times as an Angel. I think he'll succeed in Texas, but he doesn't have the benefit of facing (before 2009) perenially below-average Texas pitching.

Akinori Iwamura is showcasing a bat flip after hitting a liner down the line and Cody Ross is trying in vain to not trap the ball. It's ok to crack your sunglasses, Cody!

You know, that Iwamura photo has definitely been photoshopped. He hasn't played a game for the Pirates yet.

I haven't bought a box of base Topps since 1996, and the reason is that there are other more appealing releases for me during the year that I prefer to collect. 2010 Topps is a good start to the card year in general. It's exciting to be able to get inserts in nearly every pack (not counting ToppsTown). It used to be 10 inserts per box was a huge amount, and Topps has put some effort into making the majority of the insert sets either topical or artsy. The retired player variations are interesting as well for me.

I'm not going to actively collect this set (though I do regret not buying 2009 Topps series 1), I would of course, put together what I get from trades and random packs and enjoy the cards. At least this year in series 2, there won't be 100 WBC cards....

2010 Topps kicks off the decade with a solid showing.

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