Feb 14, 2010

Swapping Cards: Trade with Thorzul Will Rule

Thorzul (not his real name) of the infamous Thorzul Will Rule (Is it a bad thing that I think of undead deities when I think of his blog name, not that I know the reference?) made a nice trade when I realized that I had the last card he needed for his 2008 Topps Heritage set.

He sent me always appreciated Steve Carlton/Mike Schmidt cards, none of which I owned previously.

1984 Topps Steve Carlton: brings me ever closer to the all cards during his playing days collection. Yes, that is masking tape on the top loader.
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Schmidt, Banks, Robinson: 500 HR club heroes from different eras and different positions...is that the connection?

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton base cards: Great cards from a set that I had zero cards of previously.

He also included a numbered parallel of the Carlton card...which looks exactly like the base card. Anyone have any idea what colored parallel it's supposed to be?

Thanks for the trade Thorzul!

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