Feb 16, 2010

Swapping Cards: Trade with Thoughts and Sox

Adam of Thoughts and Sox did a team for team swap plus. He also included some ever-elusive cards from a couple of sets I'm collecting.

2009 Topps Allen and Ginter: I am still trying to obtain those last few elusive cards. An update post will be up sometime before the end of the month.


2005 Bowman
: This was one of my favorite boxes ever to open, so I should only do it justice by trying to complete it. It's hard to come by singles these days. For some reason, it's not on a lot of people's radars.

Adam also included a bevy of Phillies cards, here's a brief glimpse of some of the many highlights.

Base cards of sets I have never attempted to collect. Always welcome to my collection.

A die-cut Ryan Howard, Jayson Werth concentrating, and the pitcher who pitched the last no-hitter in Veteran's Stadium history.

Jimmy Rollins shadowing himself in a CoSigners pose, Bobby Abreu setting the short-lived home run derby record, and Ryan Howard floating in a hologram, 2007 Bowman's Best style.

Thanks for the trade Adam!

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AdamE said...

I'm glad you liked the cards. It's always fun to see what cards people decide to post that I snd them.