Feb 27, 2010

Sharing the Love of Collecting: Valentine's Day Cards from Matt of the #5 Type Collection

Matt from the #5 Type Collection (probably one of the most unique collectors out there). He sent a great cross-section of Phillies cards: past, present, and future to help fortify the bonds between me, my team, and my collection (how maudlin is that?). Here's a sampling.

2008 Topps Opening Day Gold Cole Hamels: This is definitely a Valentine's Day card.

2001 Topps Archives Robin Roberts: This set is on my to-collect list. The smiling visage of Robin Roberts gives a good first impression.
One of the 1994 Ultra Phillies Finest Darren Daulton inserts.
1981 Fleer Michael Jack Schmidt: MVP....Third Base, now that's a position
2009 Opeechee Highlights and Milestones: That is an indelible image
2009 Opeechee Black Border Chase Utley: The black border is a nice frame for the portrait.
2005 Upper Deck First Pitch Ryan Howard: This was when Howard was an insurance policy for Thome.
1993 Ted Williams Chuck Klein: That's Triple Crown winner Chuck Klein to you.
1981 Fleer Star Stickers Bake McBride: I don't understand why his batting helmet is so small.

Thanks for the cards Matt!

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