Feb 7, 2010

Swapping Cards: A Trade with On Card Autos

A couple months ago,I made a basic team for team swap with Chris from On Card Autos. The actual impetus for the trade is that I've decided to start hand collating the first packs I bought when I returned to collecting, 2006 Topps Series 1. Here are examples of the varied, colorful, and welcome additions to my collection he sent to me.

1994 Sportflics Terry Mulholland: This is about as well as I can get it to scan. Mulholland is remembered for two singular events in his career, throwing out a batter at first base with the ball stuck in his glove and throwing the only Phillies' no-hitter in Veterans Stadium's history on Augut 8, 1990.
2008 Upper Deck Jimmy Rollins: Talking to the fans after winning the 2007 NL East Division.
1984 Topps TonyPerez/Rusty Staub/Al Oliver NL Active RBI Leaders. Also on that 1983 Phillies "Wheeze Kids" squad were Pete Rose and Joe Morgan.

2008 Topps cards of Carlos "Chooch" Ruiz and "Kentucky" Joe Blanton. I definitely have almost no cards from this set.
2009 Topps Black Variation Pedro Feliz:
I love this concept as a parallel. Too bad it's impossible to actually collect because there's only two packs per blaster box.

Here's a trio of 2006 Upper Deck Phillies, the ever-popular Sal Fasano (seriously, have you seen his Fu Manchu?), Geoff "Gascan" Geary, and Shane "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Victorino. How do you collect a set with 1250 cards?

Thanks for the trade Chris!

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