Apr 26, 2011

Dual Pack Break: 2008 BDPP and 2009 SP Authentic

First, I'd like to thank everyone who read and/or responded to the previous entry here. I will try and do something proactive and see if anything can come from the wretched redemption card experience.

To get back in the swing of things collecting-wise, I snagged a couple retail packs from the bargain bin of brands I really don't collect or necessarily have any experience with.

The first pack is 2008 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects (or as better named "how to include a third series of chrome prospects in a set with similar numbering so that it becomes impossible to sort the cards without consulting the original checklists". However, that would be a mouthful and very difficult to market.)

I've noticed that hobby boxes for this product have increased to $145 apiece. Is that worth it to have a 1:38 chance at a Buster Posey auto chrome rookie? There are some other decent to great auto pulls in the checklist though; Longoria, Kershaw, Stanton, Davis, and Drabek to name a few. Even so, there seems to be a disconnect between the sudden price rise and hype. If there is a such thing as underground hype, this product three years later has managed to have it in spades.

Here are the scanned card images ready to pop through the computer monitor.
BDP52 Brandon Boggs, designated as base card prospect, current status: back-up on Brewers
BDPP87 Jamie D'Antona, designated as Futures Game Prospect, current status: Japan
BDPP103 Gerardo Parra, designated as Futures Game Prospect, current status:Arizona roster
BDP3 Mike Aviles, designated as base card prospect, current status: Royals 3B
BDP32 Brooks Conrad chrome, designated as base card propect, current status: backup on Atlanta
BDPP58 Anthony Bass chrome: designated as draft pick, current status: with the AA affiliate of San Diego

BDPP56 Anthony Capra gold, designated as draft pick, current status: AA affiliate of Oakland

2009 SP Authentic was the last incarnation of a brand that began with a Derek Jeter foil rookie in 1993.  Its biggest contribution in 2009 was the Faces of the Game subset and autographed manufactured patch rookies.    I did not get any of these, but I did get two retired players, an injured player, a Japanese player, and a the reigning 2010 NL ERA champ.  Behold the images....

As always, you can't get too much wrong for $1 per pack.


Nathan said...

When did you updated the site layout? Looks great

Dan said...

Hi Nathan. Thanks! I've been working on it the past week to try and make it more readable. Glad you like it!