Apr 9, 2011

Group Break Box 5: 2003 Topps Gallery

By this time, I actually had pack ripping fatigue and my comments drop off dramatically. I think I was a little off-put that I didn't get what I expected when opening the box. The cards themselves are nice and have a really gritty texture, almost like you can scrape the paint off the surface. Maybe I'm a maximalist, but 20 packs with only 5 cards per pack just seems miniscule in the face of the collecting dragon.

These videos mark the end of the break. What's left is to do the randomization for the 2008 Heroes box break and to show some scans for posterity's sake. Otherwise, the cards are sorted and I'll be packing them up within the week. Hope it was fun for everyone to watch. I think for next time, I'm going to go with a music theme of some kind.


Ryan G said...

Toss in that baseball bucks with the Giants, even though it's worthless for redeeming it's still a nice little insert!

The Ichiro variation will be his sleeves. The variation is the black sleeves.

This was a fun break. I'm glad to have been a part of it! Thanks for doing this!

john c said...

My first group break. Thanks for including me Dan. Had a good time watching the video's. John