Apr 7, 2011

Group Break Box 4: 2008 Upper Heroes

This box was probably the best of the break. Watch the videos to see why. In any case, there were a very large number of multi-team cards (approximately 20) and these will need to be randomed off. So stay tuned for a thrilling edition of random.org and the clicks that launched destinies.

In all honesty though, there's a lot of action in this box; I could see why it continues to be a popular set on many levels. It features a healthy mix of retired and modern players. It's also a simple construction, the only inserts are essentially parallels (colors,jerseys, autos) of the base set. The design lends itself well to that format.


cubsfan731 said...

Boy, that triple jersey would be a nice card to have! Come on, randomizer!

hiflew said...

OK, I love the Atkins. Although in 2008 he was a star (well, semi-star at least). He just fell off VERY quickly.

I also like that I got one of the 2 hits that don't have to be randomized. I am convinced random.org has a secret agenda against me. I never win with the randomizers.

This is by far the best box yet in my opinion, especially with the extra hit.