Apr 3, 2011

Group Break Box 3: 2005 Upper Deck Classics

Actually, my comments in the videos were incorrect (what a surprise, Beckett was incorrect). After examining the pack wrapper, there should have been two numbered inserts/parallels per box, the two game-used cards (which we got), and autos were inserted 1:224 packs, so there was no shorting of guaranteed cards. Sorry for the confusion. I think I trust the pack wrapper more than the Beckett from 3 years ago for checklisting.

This was a fun box to open; there were not all the typical retired players, not much extra content though; it feels like an incomplete brand, you'll see what I mean in the videos.

Team Totals (totals include duplicates) For the Break (base/inserts, shortprints, and parallels/game-used and autos)

Braves 30/6/0
Expos 18/1/0
Mets 30/4/1
Phillies 28/2/0
Cubs 27/5/0
Reds 28/3/0
Astros 11/1/1
Brewers 25/0/0
Pirates 16/1/0
Cardinals 18/5/0
Dbacks 17/3/0
Rockies 8/5/0
Dodgers 41/5/0
Padres 14/2/0
Giants 32/4/1
Orioles 26/3/1
Red Sox 28/4/1
Yankees 43/8/0
Rays 20/1/0
Blue Jays 19/3/0
White Sox 27/2/0
Indians 32/1/0
Tigers 37/2/0
Royals 16/4/0
Twins 25/1/0
Angels 6/5/0
Athletics 23/1/0
Mariners 20/4/0
Rangers 13/6/0

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Ryan said...

Thanks for pulling that awesome Ripken for me... and, keep the nuggets of baseball trivia and history coming, it really breaks up the monotony of just watching the packs being opened.