Apr 11, 2011

Group Break Finale: Randomization Videos

Here are the videos for all the multi-player cards from 2008 Upper Deck Heroes. The first video is the base cards and the second video is the parallel and jersey cards.

I was at the whim of random.org for this, though it would have been fun to have a trivia contest for all the cards. Maybe next time.

So with these videos, this concludes this break. I hope it was enjoyable for this group, and I hope the cards find their way to you safely once they're mailed.

Best case (assuming I have all addresses) is that they're mailed out Saturday.

I can now resume my normal, immemorable blogging patterns yet again. Also, for all those who sent interest for trades (especially for the 2011 Kimball Champions), I can finally get that together too.

And as always, may a happy break light your darkest hour (almost like your favorite star of the ancient realm).

1 comment:

Ryan G said...

Fun break! Thanks for doing it! And btw, the video-in-video-in-video preview image for your videos is awesome. I'm easily amused.