Jan 4, 2013

Collecting Resolutions for 2013 and a Short Look Back at 2012

I think I only accomplished one of the goals  I set out for at the onset of 2012, and that was to complete the mainstream Phillies issue run from 1970-1986.  I may have also completed one of the sets I put down on the list (probably 2011 Allen & Ginter).  And I did branch out to some higher end purchases with 2010 Century Collection and 2011 Leaf Ink.  All that being said, my collection is in a good place right now, I´m happy with what direction I´ve been taking it, and there´s not as much in the way of unwanted material as there used to be.

Here are some modest collecting goals for 2013:

1. Complete 2012 A&G and start 2013 A&G-I have every one of these sets since its inception in 2006.

2.  Binderize the junk wax Phillies era (1987-1993) and make some headway there...85% complete would be acceptable.

3. Get want lists together for the 2008-2010 Phillies sets and make some headway there....50% complete would be acceptable.

4. Complete one or more of the following Bowman sets: 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

5. Obtain one or more autos of a Phillies Hall of Famer (Schmidt, Carlton, Roberts, Ashburn, Bunning)

6. Target box purchases for 2013: 2012 Panini Cooperstown, 2013 GQ, 2013 A&G.....and that´s it.

7. Snag 50% of the 1948-1969 Phillies cards.....I don´t what the starting point is, but it must be possible.

8. Complete 2011 GQ set and 2009 Obak set (both harder than they seem on the surface)

Here are some modest blogging goals:

1. Post 150 times; seems simple for most, but for me in the last two years it has not been....what´s the mantra? Share and share alike?

2. Hold one group break again...this time more inclusive.  Last year´s was fun and interesting, but very involved....and also quite a bit high end.

3. Continue the following series:
a. Junior High Countdown: this needs to end at some point
b. Stat Anomaly: 20 game losers
c. Wondrous Seasons of the Past
d. All-Time Phillies List

4. Finish this series:  July 1993 Beckett All-Time Best and this one:  Tales of a Former Bowman Collector

5. Start the Cornerstone Collection series.

6. Try to average one trade per month. This is a big step up for me.  Sending packages in the mail is not my strong suit.

7. Answer emails even more frequently.

8. Smile without excessive toothiness in photos.....ok, not relevant.

9. And most importantly, have a 4 year anniversary giveaway this year!

Thanks for keeping track of this humble corner.

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Jim said...

Best of luck and I'm looking forward to following along again in 2013.