Jan 19, 2013

Pack Predictor: 2012 Topps Chrome Football Rack Pack

Football is the sport of early winter; and the playoffs is the peak of football's power.  I feel like the two playoff weekends before the Super Bowl are generally more exciting (and this past weekend was especially so). What better way to greet "Conference Championship" week than with the opening of a rack pack of the eponymous Topps Chrome brand?

And not only that, I consulted with the pack wrapper, and it told me that it could predict the future.  So I'm going to see how true that is....points will be assigned based on the pack contents to determine the Super Bowl XXXXIIIIIII participants.
Jay Cutler: Was once a Bronco, who were beaten by the Ravens last week....Ravens +3,
Dont'a Hightower: Patriots rookie....Patriots +5
D'qwell Jackson: Against Baltimore this year, he had 8 total tackles in two games, but Baltimore swept the season series.....Ravens +2
Rueben Randle: Giants beat the 49ers and lost to the Falcons and Ravens.....Falcons +2, Ravens +2
Frank Gore: 49ers starting running back since 2006, ran for a career 2nd best 1215 yards and 8 TDs in 2012. ...49ers +7
Mychal Kendricks: No Eagles cards will be worth any points; there was nothing positive about that team in 2012.
Dwayne Allen Tall Boy Insert: The Colts lost to the Patriots this year,allowing 59 points and lost to the Ravens in the playoffs....Patriots +2, Ravens +3
Tim Tebow: What a strange season he had, only played in 40 plays the entire year. You would think he'd make a good backup running back with the threat of an option pass....Jets were swept by the Patriots and destroyed by the 49ers. 49ers +2, Patriots +4
Ryan Broyles Tall Boy Insert: Had his only 100 yard receiving game against the Texans, whom the Patriots beat....Patriots +2
Ryan Tannehill XFractor: I thought he had better stats this year; only 12 TDs and 13 Int this year.  Dolphins lost to New England twice this year....Patriots +4
TJ Graham Orange Refractor: Bills also lost to New England twice this year.....Patriots +4
Larry Fitzgerald Orange Refractor: This was a season to forget for Fitzgerald.  He didn't even crack 800 receiving yards. The Cardinals beat the Patriots, lost to the Falcons, and got swept by the 49ers. ....Ravens +3, Falcons +2, 49ers +4
Fletcher Cox: No points awarded on Eagles cards.
Larry Fitzgerald: No points awarded on duplicate players
Ray Rice Orange Refractor:  If this guy has 160 total yards or more, the Ravens will probably win.....Ravens +7

Final Totals: Patriots over Ravens: 21-20
49ers over Falcons: 13-4

So this predicts a Patriots vs. 49ers Super Bowl with the most foolproof system ever devised.

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