Jan 2, 2013

Cornerstone Collection: Mike Schmidt Rookie Checked Off

I´m sure we all have different ideas about what the best collection would be.  For some, it´s being a set collector...for others, a team collector, for still others, an auto collector.   Somehow or other, we all end up with wantlists, unmarked piles, new ideas, ideas put aside, chaos, and order in the world that is called card collecting.

There are always some cards, however, that we acquire that tickle the fancy and rise to the top of the list that I always like to keep handy: if there were a fire in the house, which cards would I leave with?  I keep these in a separate box for easier finding....true story. 

A more appropriate name for this would be ¨The Cornerstone Collection¨  as I like to call it.  Everyone has their own personal meaning of what that could be.  It could be sets, individual cards, valuable cards, non-valuable cards, essentially anything that you would begin your collection with if you had to start over again.

As a lifelong Phillies fan, this Mike Schmidt rookie would be one of the top (if not the top) of my list.  Luckily, I was gifted this one for my past birthday. 

I surprisingly don´t have much to say about the card this time around except that it rocks.  

I sense the beginning of a series on the blog and then this will be properly updated.

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Arno said...

That card does, indeed, rock.