Jan 27, 2013

Phillies Oddball Pack Break or What Saving Up for Fries Would Get You 10 Years Ago

Sometimes, there are unopened packs of cards lying around in my box of miscellaneous stuff that I haven't sorted yet.  There also seems to be a direct proportion of the mystery of the subjects to where they sit in this box.

There are usually cards from the 'mid-00s in there because frankly, who has the time to look up the difference between '05-'07 Ultra when there are more important sorting issues at hand?  In this box, also falls my non-baseball cards.  I do not have sufficient capacity to deal with these in a way that would give them their proper collection place.  The only exception is the Champs hockey mini cards....there is always room for mini cards.

For a long time (3 or 4 years probably), I have accepted the fact that some white wrappers just aren't necessarily worth opening because there's only one card inside that you can see through who it is anyway.  This was true of many oddball issues, especially those cards that were inserted in Kraft products around 1993.  I had opened one of these wrappers and saw it was one card (Dykstra)and stuck the rest in this box....to be forgotten for awhile.

One day, I decided I wanted to sort the unsorted and give them homes within the cabinet space of my collection (seriously, I keep everything except the binders in two or three connected cabinets in the dining room).   I stumbled upon these and saw that these weren't Kraft cards after all.  So I decided to open them.

It looks like they were from a regional issue of McDonalds cards issued by Upper Deck in 2004 (at least that's what the card said). I have no idea how I got them since I didn't live in the Philadelphia area in 2004, and I had probably gone to a McDonalds only a couple times that I can remember in the last 10 years.

That doesn't matter because there is now a new set to collect.  Where to find the checklist?  It seems that Matt from 14K Phillies has been always one step ahead of me in compiling the checklist.

Only 23 cards to go....this Phillies collection is never done....

Here are the results of the pack breaks (2 cards per pack) below of one of the last Phillies only issued sets (I hope).

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