Jun 11, 2010

2009 Topps Heritage Base Set Completion Journey : The First Three Trades

When I set out on the journey to complete the 2009 Topps Heritage Base Set, these were the first three people to heed the call. They were the proprietors of the blogs Nachos Grande, Roll out the Barrel, and Long Fly Ball to Because.... In addition to those cards, many Phillies cards were sent. The depth and breadth of trade packages always astound me. Please observe some of the highlights and cards that stood out to me.

2009 Opeechee Carlos Ruiz: Celebrating the shortest walk-off hit in World Series history.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jersey of Pat Burrell: I was happy to see Burrell recently get back on his feet with the Giants

1992 Topps Kids Von Hayes: I really don't understand this set; he has no legs.

2008 Goudey Mini, 2008 Upper Deck Heroes Charcoal, and 1987 Opeechee Michael Jack Schmidt: These are three Schmidts I didn't have, an increasingly rare occurrence to try and locate.

Here are some of the 2009 Topps Heritage cards traded to me. Every one was appreciated and put in its proper place in the set box.
2008 Stadium Club Jimmy Rollins: Jimmy shouldn't ever stop. Jimmy needs to get back on the field.
2006 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future Gavin Floyd: Traded to the White Sox for Aaron Rowand, and became a decent pitcher for a couple of years. One interesting type set to collect would be all of the Wave of the Future cards from 1993-2006. Achievable?
1986 Fleer Kevin Gross: This is what my childhood stadium looked like, the perfect concrete jungle.
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Ryan Howard: Ryan, bring back the power. You can can even gain back a few more pounds if that will help.
2008 Goudey Richie Ashburn: I remember him as an announcer. His voice just fit the Phillies.
2006 Fleer Ultra Diamond Producers Bobby Abreu: Oh yes, I remember, wasn't there an Abreu effect I should have written about months ago?
2009 Sweet Spot Pedro Martinez: Pedro was a wily old pitcher here.

2008 Topps Heritage Greg Dobbs: He's lost his magic touch; he couldn't hit a cockroach in a glass jar at this point (I read that somewhere today)

2008 Topps All-Rookie Team insert Jimmy Rollins: Too bad 2008 Topps didn't have much else going for it.

2007 Turkey Red Ryan Howard: Turkey Red looks much more elegant as an insert set rather than a stand-alone base set for some reason.

2008 Topps Gold Pedro Feliz: He had one great swing in the World Series last year.
2009 Goodwin Champions Dick Allen: Twilight dawns as a successful career begins. ROY 1964.
2008 Goudey Chase Utley: This is the first extended slump from Utley in awhile.
2007 Ultra Aaron Rowand: They call him fenceface...for that one catch against the Mets, still is incredible.
Lastly, for the scans 2003 Topps Heritage Travis Lee: I did not like him as a Phillie, but this is the first card of mine from this brand.

Thank you all. I hope you received the cards I sent to you. The journey will continue.

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Collective Troll said...

Wow, great post... Nice and long with a lot of pictures. Good job! I was a big Von Hayes fan back in the 80s and I remember him having two legs like his teammates. That card is odd. I really like the Goodwins Dick Allen, I had never seen that one before...