Jun 14, 2010

Featured Card: 1991 Upper Deck Hank Aaron Hologram

Ghosted by the holographic technology and poised for the delivery, Hank Aaron demonstrates his oft-used batting stance that propelled him to success. Fittingly, this tribute was labelled as one of the original (2nd year) Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball. Aaron's professionalism and sheer statistical greatness earned him the title.

This was not the best scan that I had of the card, but it was the only one which was able to showcase both the foreground and background. Notice that the fans' expresssions are inscrutable behind their varied array of sunglasses while Aaron's is focused and tunneled towards the approach of the stitched spheroid.

This card was a surprise for anyone to receive in a pack in 1991; these were "special cards' inserted at rates never before seen (well, that's not exactly true) . In addition, this was a hologram, the multi-color 3D card tech that would keep me tilting and re-tilting the card until the entire image could be gleaned one piece at a time in my mind's eye.

Who needs superfractors when this type of card is there to tempt your optics?

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Fuji said...

great blast from the past... i remember pulling these and putting them into card savers. the next year they had a ted williams hologram that's pretty cool too.