Jun 9, 2010

"It's MLB Draft Season!" or "I Just Wanted to Show a Couple 2008 Prime Cuts Cards

As most know, yesterday was the MLB draft. With prospects ranging from hyped (Bryce Harper, pick #1 to Washington) to the unknown (Biddle, pick #27 to the Phillies) and everywhere between. Already, pundits and bandits are making their grades and prognostications for these unfulfilled potentials.

Tools and skills are the focus at this point of the prospect evaluation. My favorite word in these exercises are "projectability" and "slot bonus". Unfortunately, you don't hear the term "upside" in the MLB world as much as the NFL and NBA ones.

Here is Rashun Dixon. He supposedly is very fast, though 10 3B in 45 games as a 17 year old can confirm this some. He has not harnessed his base-stealing ability at this time (at the age of 19).

Anyway, I'm too exhausted to continue this train of thought. 15 hour time changes are difficult to deal with. I hope to post some pictures soon of my trip. Let's just say that I'm happily jet-lagged and disappointed to find the Phillies fared very poorly during my absence. Luckily, the Flyers have hung in there in the Stanley Cup finals. I will be watching game 6 as long as I can before I collapse on the couch. And I missed the perfect game! I have to find it on MLB archives now. Was it exciting? Were there tense moments? Don't tell me the details.

There were 6 card packages waiting for me from various places (purchases, group breaks, the kindness of others, trades), so I really need to sort through them and find out what there is.

And here's Pete Rose. He had 4256 career hits or something. He hasn't been a prospect since 1963.

Now, I'm only two months behind for scanning cards.

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