Jun 21, 2010

It's a Box Break! Part 2, 2009 Tristar Obak Packs 6-10

Let's continue the journey into baseball figures of the past, present, and future.

Pack 6
29: Angel Villalona-current player, Giants system
42: Buzz Arlett, 1910 Back Variation-Voted as "Best Minor League Player Ever" by SABR

46: Spencer Harris-holds minor league hitting records
56: Bob Crues- Holds single season RBI record
68: Herb Score-1954 Player of the Year, 1955 MLB ROY
Mini 56:Fritz & Louis Rueckheim-Henry Eckstein-inventors of Cracker Jack

Pack 7

10: Michael Ynoa-current player, Athletics system
42: Buzz Arlett
47: Joe Hauser-hit 60+ HR twice in a season
39: Tom Seaver-HOF
56: Bob Crues black variation 7/50

Mini 45: Emmett Ashford-first Africa-American umpire

Pack 8
33: Stan Musial-HOF
41: Ted William-HOF
54: George Brunet-career minor league K record
2: Robbie Grossman-current player, Pirates system

3: BJ Hermsen-current player, Twins system
51: Monty Stratton***

Mini 17: Josh Vitters-current player, Cubs system

Pack 9

9: Dayan Viciedo-current player, White Sox system
37: Nolan Ryan-HOF
53: Ike Boone-highest career minor league AVG
64: Gregg Jefferies-two-time minor league POY
43 Black (16/50): Walter Carlisle-only known outfielder to perform unassisted triple play

Mini 52: Jackie Mitchell

Pack 10
27: Chris Tillman-current player,Mariners system
36: Al Rosen-1953 AL MVP, Indians
8: Junixhi Tazawa-current player, Red Sox system
A17 (13/25): Chris Johnson-current player, Astros system, autograph, green variation

Mini 23: Nolan Ryan 1911 back variation

***The Story of Monty Stratton

This was already immortalized in a movie called the "The Stratton Story" produced in 1949. Even so, Monty Stratton's career path was fascinating. He was an all-star pitcher with the White Sox from 1934-1938. During that offseason, a hunting accident caused such a horrible injury that he had to have his right leg amputated. He was fittedwith a wooden leg and gradually relearned the art of pitching and fielding. He was able to rejoin the professional ranks briefly in the minor leagues in 1942 at the age of 30, and then for an extended stretch in 1946 at the age of 34, winning 18 games with a 4.14 ERA in the class C league. He pitched until 1953 and the age of 41, becoming a symbol of perseverance.

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