Jun 12, 2010

Quick Weekend Pack Break: 2010 Topps Series 1 Retail Rack Pack

Have you ever noticed that the series 2 of the 'flagship' set is not usually as possible as series 1? Look at the difference in price for series 1 and 2 over the last few years (with 2009 and 2010 giving especially sharp contrast). Is it because they used up all the star power in the 1st series. Or does it just feel like the same set with higher card numbers? Even the insert sets have the same continuation feeling? Anyone else miss the mid-season traded box sets?

Since most people have seen the base set many times over, here's only a highlighted rendering of the cards received.

Card Your Mom Threw Out 1958 Topps Orlando Cepeda: The Giants had the foresight not to throw out Cepeda and decided to keep him and Willie McCovey during most of their prime years.
Tony Gwynn Jr and Ryan Doumit base cards: For some reason, the camouflage uniforms work with the Padres color scheme and I really enjoy the play at the plate depicted on the Doumit card.
Jackie Robinson History of the Game: April 15, 1947
Dizzy Dean Peak Performance: Jay Hanna (or was it Jerome Henry) Dean was as goofy as they came. Who else would get hit in the head with a ball while sliding into second in the World Series? Even so, he was a brilliant pitcher until he broke his big toe in 1937.
Zack Greinke/Nolan Ryan Legendary Lineage: Greinke has more Cy Young Awards than Ryan in his career.
Tales of the Game Jimmy Piersall: This reminds of the time when Germany Schaefer stole 2nd base and then 1st base on two consecutive pitches. Was that story in this set?

I'm not a Topps collector, but I enjoy buying packs of this diversionary set. Sadly, I have never pulled a Million Card Giveaway card.

Also, what do you think of the new layout and design? Is it readable? Easier or the same to navigate? Any suggestions?

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