Jun 17, 2010

It's a Box Break! 2009 Tristar Obak packs 1-5

Review to come at the conclusion of the images of the box. If there's a story to be had with one of the people on the cards, I hope I have tracked down relevant ones. I'll aim to put at least one in each part of the box break. The set is a short one (114 cards) with some back variations, color parallels, and a smaller mini partial parallel set (68 cards) that also has back variations and color parallels. The design is a stylized rendering of the 1909-1911 Obak design.

Box details: 6 cards per pack, 20 packs per box, 9 inserts per box including parallels and autographs, one mini per pack

Here are the results of packs 1-5.

Pack 1

21: Mike Moustakas-current player, Royals system
30: Josh Vitter-current player, Cubs system
67: Phil Rizzuto-HOF
79: Bud Fowler-First African-American Professional Baseball Player in 1878
95: William Wrigley Jr-historical team owner (guess the team)
Mini 27: Ted Williams-HOF

Pack 2
4: Eric Hosmer-current player, Royals system
14: Madison Bumgarner-current player, Giants system

17: Jason Heyward-current player, Braves system
20: Jesus Montero-current player, Yankees system
25:Justin Smoak-current player, Rangers system
Mini 21:Satchel Paige-HOF

Pack 3
31: Brett Wallace-current player, Blue Jays system

35:Brooks Robinson-HOF
52: Joe Bauman-hit 72 HR in one season

72: Lena Blackburne-known for the mud to rub down baseballs
85: Jackie Mitchell-first woman to sign a professional contract

Mini 22:Brooks Robinson-HOF

Pack 4
58: Ron Necciai***

74:Alexander Cartwright-possibly the creator of baseball
76: Mike Coolbaugh-player and coach who had a tragic on-field death

89: George H Rawlings-sporting goods magnate
94: Harry and George Wright-some of the progenitors of professional baseball
Mini 14: Mike Moustakas, Royals system

Pack 5
19: Andrew McCutchen-current player, Pirates system
26: Mike Stanton-current player, Marlins system
50: Jigger Statz-holds many PCL hitting records
66: Jim Rice-HOF
86: Jack Norworth-wrote the lyrics to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"
Mini 20: Stan Musial-HOF

***The Story of Ron Necciai
Ron "Necktie" Necciai started pitching in the minors at the age of 18 in the class D league in the Piratees system in 1950. He was known for having curveball with a lot of movement. He was still in the class D league two years later when he had quite possibly the greatest two game stretch in professional baseball history. On May 13, 1952, he pitched a perfect game, but not just any perfect game. All the outs were recorded as strikeouts. 27 consecutive strikeouts! He then followed that start with one in which he had 24 strikeouts. He had 51 strikeouts in two starts! Shudder at how many pitches he must have thrown for such a young arm. The Pirates called him to the majors later that year, and unfortunately, he was 1-6 with a 7.08 ERA and 31 BB vs. 32 K. The next year he had to serve two years in the army and when he returned, he developed a sore arm and left professional baseball by the age of 23.


Dave said...

These card are very appealing. Thanks for sharing!

AdamE said...

Any chance you would trade off the Williams mini???