Jun 18, 2010

Phillie Project Update: mid-1970s Edition

Here's the general update on the Phillies project I instituted very,very long ago on this blog. I am now two cards short for Mike Schmidt career collection, six cards short for the Steve Carlton career collection, and 29 cards short of all the Phillies cards of the all the players who made an appearance for the 1980 Phillies team(click on the links on the sidebar under the wantlist heading for more detail).

In the meantime, I have been completing team sets. Here are some of the cards that appeared as I aimed to fill in this collection. This includes the touted and not so touted players of that bygone era.

Bill Robinson 1975 Topps: Had first of 4 career 20 Hr seasons as a Phillie with 25 HR in 1973.
Tony Taylor 1975 Topps: 4th all-time in games played as a Phillie (1669) and 11th all-time in hits as a Phillie (1511)
Jim Lonborg 1975 Topps: Placed 3rd in the NL with 16 complete games in 1974.
Mike Schmidt/Dave Kingman/Greg Luzinski HR Leaders 1976 Topps: Luzinski and Schmidt both had >135 OPS+ from 1975-1977.
Mike Schmidt/Graig Nettles HR Leaders 1977 Topps: Mike Schmidt led the NL in HRs 8 times in his career while Nettles had two 30 HR seasons including 1976.
Terry Harmon 1974 Topps: As a utility infielder for the Phillies in the 1970s, Harmon did not get much opportunity to play. Hit his only 2 Hr in 1972 including one on the last day of the season.
Mike Ryan 1974 Topps: Batted .193 for his career and had a 51 OPS+. Ranked 815th all time in OPS for the Phillies. I remember him as a bullpen coach in the '80s.
Willie Montanez 1974 Topps: Led the league in assists as a 1B three times in his career. Had a 100 RBI season in 1975 while hitting only 10 HR.

There's always familiar faces and faces which I have never seen before in Phillies lots from the 1970s. I hope to receive all the cards at some point to imprint even these names to memory. The project marches on.

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Jim from Downingtown said...

Terry Harmon, Mike Schmidt, and Larry Christensen are the only players (as far as I know) who played at least 10 years, and all with the Phillies.