Jul 16, 2012

3rd call of the week for the group break: these boxes are feeling neglected

There will now be 7 guaranteed hits per slot.  I am adding a wild card round after the box breaks are done.  $60 for the first slot, $55 for second.

Here are the final details for the group break here. Only 4 slots left!
1. me
2. Brad's Blog
3. Arno
4. FieldLevelView
5. Brad's Blog
6. Tim (to be confirmed)
1. 1 box of 2011 Leaf Ink- 4 slabbed buyback autos plus a 1/1 cut auto per box
2. 2 boxes of 2011 Leaf Valiant- 10 prospect autos per box
3. 2 boxes of 2010 Panini Century Collection-5 total autograph/memorabilia cards per box (multi-sport and celebrity cards included)
4. 1 box of 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars-4 total autograph/memorabilia cards per box plus an off-chance at a Bryce Harper USA card.
5. 2 boxes of 2007 Tristar Prospects Plus- 10 prospect autos per box

How I envision this is there will be 10 people needed to sign up.   Each slot you sign up for will be for a total of guaranteed SIX auto or memorabilia cards plus other cards from the Signature Stars and Tristar Prospects Plus box AT A MINIMUM.  Also, please choose up to two teams for the base cards from the Signature Stars/Prospects Plus box.  (Notice that the number of hits adds up to 59, there is also a wild card slot that you can choose something from my collection of which there will be two categories to choose from).

Once you get your numbers, (1-10), then they will be randomized for the first round.  After that, a snake-style draft will result with at least six rounds.

 Then, the first person will choose a box and a number.  For example, the first person will choose something like 2010 Panini Century Collection box 1 #1....this means that they will get the first choice from that box.  The next person can then choose 2010 Panini Century Collection box 1 #2 (which means the 2nd choice from that box) or the 1st choice from any other box such as 2011 Leaf Ink #1.

NOTE: For your choice, you do not have to choose a hit.  For example, there are Team USA cards in Signature Stars, these can count.

Cost for participation is a little pricey, but think of it this way....would you rather get some guaranteed autos/relics from mid-high end products or buy more blasters of Heritage or Archives.

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