Jul 30, 2012

A Master Set Completed (Almost): 1995 Fleer Team Leaders Card Gallery

Since I'm in the mood for sharing cards lately instead of general pontification about random cards and lamenting the fate of the erstwhile team of my fandom, here's a neat little gallery of an insert set I've recently completed after years of searching.  This set is the 1995 Fleer Team Leaders set.

They, of course, look nothing like the infamous 6 design wackiness of the 1995 Fleer base set.  They are shiny; they are black; they are foily; they are sublime.   Each card represents one team (back in the days of 28 teams) with a hitting leader on one side and a pitching leader on the other side.  I randomly chose which ones to show for each card.

As for the master set  part of this, I somehow now have the whole base set plus all the insert sets except for one trailer. That would be the 1995 Rookie Sensations set.  These were only inserted in jumbo packs or magazine packs or whatever they were called in 1995.  Anyone have any of these?  Anyone care to get rid of them?    In all seriousness, this brings me so much closer to my first master set (at least I think there are, unless there's some stealth parallel I haven't heard about).  The plans are to use it to wallpaper the pathway to the whirling vortex of animated perspectives.  Then, 1995 Fleer can finally fulfill its ultimate destiny.

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