Jul 10, 2012

Sparkly Card Gallery: 2011 Fanfest Cards

Here are 5 of the 7 Fanfest cards that were able to be redeemed at the Topps booth for the 2011 Fanfest cards this year (I seem to have misplaced the other two cards' scans: not pictured are Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard).  It seems that the checklist went the route of perennial all-stars/big mashers + the worthy hometown team addition of Justin Upton last year.

 As with most years, it was fairly simple, to redeem these cards, you needed to buy packs of any Topps product on the floor of the Fanfest.  Every 3 wrappers got you one of these cards.  The only caveat was that there was a timed limit for how many cards you could get at a time or something...Luckily, our little group of 4 was able to get around that with planning and an employee who wanted to get rid of the cards and didn't fully count the wrappers and gave us 3 full sets between the 4 of us.

The motif certainly fit last year's diamond anniversary edition of Topps.  They are sparkly beyond all sparkly (and fairly rare and inexpensive, apparently only 250 of each card was distributed on each day of the fanfest...which gives a total of (drumroll) 1250 copies per card).

I love Fanfest cards and am willing to take any in trade (especially the Pinnacle ones from the 30 card set distributed at the 1996 fanfest; 16 years later and i'm still missing half the set).

Anyone know the details of this year's redemption program in Kansas City?
Not an all-star in 2012.
Not an all-star in 2012.
Not an all-star in 2012.
Not an all-star in 2012.
Finally, a repeat all-star. I guess not everyone can be an all-star every year.

 Random question: Which league do you support in the all-star game and why? I have always supported the National League, not just because of the Phillies' players presence on the team, but also because I've generally liked the players more...I mean, there are no Yankees on the NL squad ever.


Backstop Cards said...

I always root for the NL, because a) that's where the Padres are, plus I don't like the idea that the NL is "inferior" because of the lack of a DH, so it's almost like if they win, they'll stick it to all of those DH supporters.

Plus, like you said, no Yankees.

However, in the World Series, it seems like I'm always rooting for the AL team, unless that team happens to be... the Yankees.

I really don't hate the Yankees, I just hate when they win.

Anonymous said...

There was a Ryan Howard Fanfest card last year!? Great, just when I thought I was finished with my 2011 wantlist...

Brad's Blog said...

I have that sparkly set.. It's nice, I of course root for the NL.