Jul 17, 2012

Cards from JABO's Garage

Sometimes you get cards in the mail from unexpected sources, for me it was from Kyle of JABO
He was holding a clearance sale of sorts and I claimed the Phillies for a very reduced price to augment the paucity of cards that are presently lacking from the junk wax era and beyond (since most of them are in PA, while I'm in CA, and I have no idea which ones I had in the first place, except for 1990 Topps, I had all those little buggers).

Here are some of the favorites for various reasons. 
1991 Stadium Club Pat Combs: I love 1991 Stadium Club, I'm not going to lie.  He sent over almost the whole team set of this wondrous set, which outshines all others from the topsy-turvy year of yore.  Pat Combs was the first prospect of significance I remember. He went 4-0 in September....as a rookie....with 30 K and 6 BB in 38 innings.  Somehow, 1990 was his only full season.
1982 Topps Traded Mike Krukow: 1982 Topps Traded will be one of the last sets I acquire for my small box sets collection of the 80s and 90s.  That is all because of one card, the Ripken.  This is Krukow's debut as a Phillie, which was a quick passthrough on the way to San Fran, where he resides to this day (at least announces the games).
1980 Topps Pete Rose: Here is Rose's first mainstream card as a Phillie (with the 1979 Burger King preceding it). 1979 was notable because it was his 10th season with 200 or more hits, which has only been matched since by Ichiro.
2007 Upper Deck Jayson Werth: Continuing the theme of 1st year Phillies cards, here's Jayson Werth, pre-beard. These look like spring training uniforms, but are actually batting practice uniforms only wore from 2007-2009.  I think Werth and the Phillies miss each other as they were, going to Washington hasn't worked for either of them.
2010 Topps Peak Performance Raul Ibanez: Ibanez made the all-star team in 2009 replacing Pat Burrell in left field with career highs in HR, SLG, and OPS+.  Check out his stats through May 31: .332/.394/.684 with 17 HR and 46 RBIs.
1993 Upper Deck Diamond Gallery Dave Hollins: I liked Dave Hollins a lot when he was on his first stint as a Phillie.  He was super intense on the field and got hit by a lot of pitches, just like me.  I had not actually heard of this set before receiving this card, so that was a nice surprise.
1991 Topps Archives Richie Ashburn: This is what happens when reproductions are done by ghost printers.
2000 Topps Chrome Chad Ogea: Chad Ogea is what happened to teams struggling fill to fill a rotation in 1999.  That was not a good pitching team with a team ERA of 4.92.

I do love to fill up my Phillies boxes, so thanks for the cards, Kyle.

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jacobmrley said...

Those Archives cards look like that because they are "The Cards That Never Were" - they used black and white pics and solid backgrounds to differentiate them from the regular reprints. Though I like your theory too.