Jul 24, 2012

A Fantastic Catch of Cards

Notice I joined the world of pun titles, and started with a bad one.
Sometime in the hazy sunlit past, I made a deal with Fantastic Catch (who's holding a cool group break by the way with sign-ups open right now and deserves the patronage of your support).  He was able to touch on quite a few parts of my wantlist with precision and credulity and gets a Jim Edmonds level catch rating in my book.

2010 Topps Update Ivan Rodriguez: Pudge V2.0 has crossed off into the sunset at the conclusion of last year, and here marks one of his first versions of cards with his last team. Surprisingly, not all cards I need are Phillies as you can see.  For some reason, I;m still building the 2010 Update set.  It might be because I love to see players in their new uniforms for the first time.  I always expect these to be glossier like the Topps Traded sets pre-1993.
2011 Topps Purple Diamond Ryan Howard: These were only inserted in Toys R Us packs, and I've ran out of reasons to go there at my age.  This card I never would've received in a pack, so that was righteous.
2011 Topps Opening Day Carlos Ruiz: Chooch knows no other holiday except opening day.  I'm still voting for him for the all-star game.
2010 Topps Update More Tales of the Game Roy Halladay:  When the Phillies played a home game in Toronto because of one those world leader summits that are held ever so often. If Halladay was moderator of the G20 summitt, maybe they would finally comprehend the correlation between hard work and success and stop false negotiating.  "I threw a perfect game...what did you do?" would be the perfect retort to those leaders.
2010 Upper Deck Supreme Chase Utley and 2010 Upper Deck Kyle Kendrick: Remember when Upper Deck tried to produce a set without logos?  I think they forgot to airbrush something on the Utley insert.  Kendrick demonstrates the perfect pose for such a set: profilin' with style.  Supposedly, these Supreme cards were rare, but they're not serial numbered.  There could be 100 or a bajillion.  Any card with Utley with sunglasses is a good card for me.

And with that, I thank you for perusing some of the haul from Fantastic Catch (and thanking him too).

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