Mar 11, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings I: First Base

Below is my fantasy rankings for 1st baseman. All stats are from Baseball The tiers refer to similar groupings of players. I haven't specified rankings within the tiers...that I leave up to the individual drafter. Please let me know your thoughts...whether you agree, disagree, think I've lost a couple of marbles while working in the lab, etc.

Let the presentation begin!


NameAgeStrength StatsKey Stats from 2008Projected Draft PositionCommentsTier
Albert Pujols29R, HR, RBI, AVG.357/.462/.6531 roundMight be best hitter in game, I would not hesitate to pick him in top two picks of draft1*
Lance Berkman33R, HR, RBI, AVG.420 OBP, .567 SLG, 100+ Runs and RBIs2-4 roundGreat batting eye with 30 HR power and .300 avg possibility. Don't count on 18 SB again1
Prince Fielder25HR, RBI34 HR, 102 RBI, .507 SLG,/td> 2-4 roundIn the breakout zone with huge power potential. Needs lineup support to score more runs. 40 HR season likely1
Ryan Howard29HR, RBI48 HR, 146 RBI1-2 roundDeclining power to human levels since 2006 MVP year. Can hurt you with AVG, amazing power to all fields in all parks.1
Miguel Cabrera26HR, RBI, AVG.537 SLG, 37 HR, 127 RBI2-4 round Adjustment to Detroit led to slow 1st half last year, still led AL in HR. His AVG should increase this year.1
Justin Morneau28 HR, RBI.499 SLG, 129 RBI 2-4 round Has lots of RBI with low .SLG percentage (thanks Joe Mauer), capable of 30 HR. Plate discipline should allow for maintained success. 1
Mark Teixeira29R, HR, RBI, AVG.410 OBP, .527 SLG, 100+ R and RBI, .300 AVG2-3 round A great player with a good batting eye and approach, sufficient power and in a good lineup. Will hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI 1
Derrek Lee33 R, RBIonly 20 HR, but 41 2B, .462 SLG 5-9 round Power has fallen dramatically since great 2005, still a solid overall player, normally a bit overdrafted2
Adrian Gonzalez27R, HR, RBI100+ R and RBI, 36 HR, .510 SLG6-10 roundVery talented player with terrible home park, 22 HR and .578 SLG on the road 2
Chris Davis23 HR, RBI.549 SLG, 22 HR in 294 AB6-10 roundHas serious pop, but needs better strike zone control to realize full power potential. Young and full of possibilities +eligible at 3rd base.2
Carlos Pena 31 HR, RBI .494 SLG, 31 HR, .377 OBP6-10 roundDon't expect 2007 again; 30 HR and a lot of strikeouts are what to expect. Has a good batting eye, so higher run total could come about.2
Kevin Youkilis30RBI, AVG .315 AVG/.390 OBP, .569 SLG 4-7 round Had career year in 2008, but is still an above average first baseman. I would expect a .300 AVG with 20 HR and possibly 100 RBI2
James Loney 25 AVG, RBI 90 RBI, 35 2B 13-16 round 2nd full season, has breakout possibility, line drive hitter, good value pick 3
Jorge Cantu 27R, HR, RBI29 HR, .484 SLG, .327 OBP7-10 round Draft as a third baseman. Free swinger who can hit the ball a mile. Hopefully, resurgence continues in FLA 3
Carlos Delgado37HR, RBI 38 HR, 115 RBI, .518 SLG 7-10 round Which is the real Delgado…1st half or 2nd half? Still has pull power and can hit 30 HR3
Aubrey Huff32 HR, RBI32 HR, .552 SLG 9-12 round Draft as a 3rd baseman. Won't likely hit 30 HR again, but a useful player even if he matches career averages3
Joey Votto25 HR, RBI 24 HR and .502 SLG 6-10 roundCan break out in a mojor way hitting in the middle of the lineup. Has decent plate discipline and a lot of power without piling up 150+ Ks.3
Adam LaRoche29HR, RBI 25 HR, .500 SLG 13-16 round Has 30 HR power, would make a fine backup first baseman.4
Todd Helton35 RBI, AVG 83 G, .391 OBP, .388 SLG16-20 roundHad career worst season in 2008. Still has great batting eye, but back has sapped him of power. Can be useful, but don't depend on him4
Mike Jacobs 28 HR .299 OBP with 32 HR16-20 round His low OBP offsets the power because he won't score runs or have a high average, strictly a backup 4
Paul Konerko33HR.438 SLG16-20 roundClearly has lost power since 2007 and is not a reliable pick (see 2003 season).4
Kendry Morales26AVGNot enough info post 20th roundFirst opportunity to play full time, high contact hitter with 15 HR potential.5
Daric Barton23nonenone post 20th roundStill young, but potential doesn't exist for fantasy categories. Has decent batting eye with 10-15 HR power.5
Lyle Overbay32 AVG .358 OBPpost 20th round Above average MLB hitter, but below average fantasy hitter. At 32, will not match career high 2006. 5
Casey Kotchman 26AVG none post 20th roundYounger version of Overbay, still young enough to break out with a 20 HR season.5
Chad Tracy 29 none 88 G playedpost 20th round Has become injury prone of late, still no better than a steady hitter; think Sean Casey5
Travis Ishikawa25noneNot enough infopost 20th roundFirst full season in MLB. Dominated AAA last year in half season. Does not have the plate discipline to break out 5
Ryan Garko28 RBI90 RBI, 14 HR, .404 SLG post 20th roundMajor disappointment last year, now threatened to split time with Victor Martinez. Avoid.5
Russell Branyan 33HR12 HR in 132 AB post 20th round Wow. He's not a starting first baseman,5
Nick Johson30nonenone Don'tINJURY PRONE5

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