Mar 28, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings VIII: Wrap-up and Summary

It hope this series of rankings has given you some insight into what I'm thinking when rating players at various positions. The key then during a draft is to maximize your production and value at each spot on your roster. You can end up with some great players, but if you draft them at the supposed wrong spot (for example, taking Santana overall #1), you hurt your team through the loss of opportunity cost for players with supposed higher value. This even applies in the middle of drafts (especially with regard to closers and one category players such as Willy Taveras).

One of the important aspects to consider is whether the player you target will be available during your next pick. You will know this by keeping track of other teams' positional and categorical needs. This is also where tiers come into play. For example, if you are targeting a shortstop within the next couple of picks, and Rafael Furcal is your only remaining shortstop in the highest remaining tier, pick him if the teams picking after you already have their shortstops. This is not 100% foolproof because some people (myself included) will take a pick deemed to be a "great value" even if the position is already filled. The UTIL spot is also a consideration in this regard.
If you want to discuss any fantasy baseball strategy, please leave a comment or e-mail me at I like to hear other peoples's insights and differences of opinion. Because at the end, this is what this all is, educated guesses and opinions. I am just an experienced amateur, like everyone else with a set goal in mind for each draft.

My first draft is Sunday. Wish me luck!

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