Mar 12, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings II: 2nd Base

Below is my fantasy rankings for 2nd basemen. All stats are from Baseball The tiers refer to similar groupings of players. I haven't specified rankings within the tiers...that I leave up to the individual drafter. Please let me know your thoughts...whether you agree, disagree, think I've lost a couple of marbles while working in the lab, etc. As you can see, 2nd base, is a shallow position. I only ranked those whom I considered to be "draftable" in a 12 team 5x5 draft.

Let the presentation begin!

NameAgeStrength StatsKey Stats from 2008Projected Draft PositionCommentsTier
Chase Utley30R, HR, RBI, AVG 33 HR, 100+ R and RBI, .380 OBP, .535 SLG1-2 roundEven with hip injury recovery, should put up similar numbers to last couple of years. The power should return after 2nd half drop. Can contribute in all 5categories1
Ian Kinsler27R, HR, SB, AVG.319/.375/.517, 18 HR, 26 SB1-2 roundLegitimate 25-30 and 5 category threat, might be 1st 2nd baseman drafted in some drafts1
Dustin Pedroia 25R, HR, AVG .326/.376/.493, 17 HR, 20 SB2-3 roundLess power than Kinsler, but better AVG. Should hit .300 with similar numbers. Be wary of SB decreasing1
Brandon Phillips 28HR, SB21 HR, 23 SB, .312 OBP3-6 round Doesn’t have great batting eye, but 20/20 almost assured.2
Dan Uggla29HR, RBI, R32 HR, .515 SLG, 171 K5-9 roundHigh power with low AVG, should be a lock for 25 HRs 2
Brian Roberts 31 R, SB.378 OBP, .450 SLG, 51 2B, 40 SB3-6 round Good batting eye with some power and speed to burn. On wrong side of 30, but should have 30-35 SB with .290 AVG and possibly 15 HR2
Howie Kendrick 25 AVG .306 AVG, .333 OBP, 92 G10-15 roundGreat hitter for average with some 2B power that might translate to increased HR. However, very injury prone. 3
Kelly Johnson27R, HR .446 SLG15-18 round Solid all-around contributor3
Rickie Weeks26R,HR,SB.234/.342/.39812-15 round Real 20/20 potential…if he can get it together (saying that for 3 years now3
Felipe Lopez29HR, SBonly .234 Avg in Washington12-15 roundintriguing pick because of 2005/2006 and production when traded to St. Louis. Now in AZ, a majr hitter's park. 15/25 possibility 3
Jose Lopez25 HR, RBI17 HR, 89 RBI, .443 SLG12-17 round Free swinger who gets RBIs even when not hitting well. Low .OBP means when not hitting HRs is much less valuable.3
Robinson Cano 26 AVG. HR .271 AVG, .305 OBP15-18 round Has contact ability, but if career continues on this path, then useless as a fantasy player. Don't expect 2006 again.3
Kazuo Matsui33SB 20 SB, .293 AVG, .354 OBP18-21 roundHad career best season at age 32, 2nd baseman don't age well, injuries also a factor 4
Mark Ellis 32 HR12 HR in 442 AB 18-21 roundOakland lineup much improved, should help RBI numbers, on the wrong side of 30. 4
Aaron Hill27HR 17 HR in 2007 18-21 round Is he recovered from the concussion?4
Skip Schumaker29AVG .302/.359/.406 18-21 round high avg with decent batting eye, absolutely no power. 4
Orlando Hudson 31 AVG .305 AVG, .450 SLG 15-18 roundAbove average hitter with below average fantasy stats 4
Freddy Sanchez31AVG.298 OBP18-21 round High contact hitter with little plate discipline. If AVG does not hover around .300 has no value since won't score runs and doesn't have SB4
Clint Barmes 30AVG, HR.468 SLG 16-21 round "Deermeat" Barmes has some useful skills and position versatility and plays in CO, but don't expect star numbers4
Placido Polanco 33 R, AVG.307 AVG, .350 OBP 16-21 roundGreat contact hitter who will help your AVG with 6-10 HR, strictly a backup4

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