Mar 19, 2009

Mail Day from Old School Box Breaks!

These were cards sent from John at Old School Breaks for answering correctly a trivia contest he held. When these cards, graced my presence, I was very happy with the enjoyable variety he sent along.

1978 Topps Bob Boone and 1977 Topps Terry Harmon: Some classic Phillies (especially the Boone) for a non-classic personality

1998 Flair Showcase Curt Schilling (#d to 2000) and 2009 Topps Toppstown Ryan Howard: I loved Schilling when he was on the Phillies, he talked a lot less back then, and the only thing he did say was to disparage Mitch Williams. Who doesn't disagree with that?

Three 2009 Topps Black (Walmart-style) Phillies: These are great because there are no Walmarts within any reasonable distance to my home, and I would never see these otherwise.

2009 Topps Turkey Red Shane Victorino, 2009 Upper Deck Phillies Team Leaders, and 2009 Upper Deck Rivals Rollins/Reyes: A celebration of the best the Phillies having to offer, including topping the Mets the past two seasons. Though Rollins true rivals might be New York sportstalk radio or Johan Santana rather than Reyes. Do opposing shortstops ever converse during the course of a game? They don't seem to be as chatty as first basemen.

And the biggest surprise of all....a Frozen Artifacts jersey (clearly a Flyers jersey!) #d 55/125 of one of my top 3 favorite Flyers ever, Mark Rechhi!

John, your generosity knows no bounds. I'll keep my eyes open for Yankees for you.

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