Mar 22, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings IV: Shortstops

Below is my fantasy rankings for shortstops. All stats are from Baseball The tiers refer to similar groupings of players. I haven't specified rankings within the tiers...that I leave up to the individual drafter. Please let me know your thoughts...whether you agree, disagree, think I've lost a couple of marbles while working in the lab, etc. As you can see, shortstop is deeper than expected with some combination of speed and power guys. The position also has 3 potential first round picks. I only ranked those whom I considered to be "draftable" in a 12 team 5x5 draft.

Let the presentation begin!

NameAgeStrength StatsKey Stats from 2008Projected Draft PositionCommentsTier
Hanley Ramirez25AVG, HR, R, SB, RBI125 R, 33 HR, 35 SB, .400 OBP, .540 SLG 1Consensus top 2 pick in the draft. 5 category stud because will not hit 3rd in Florida lineup1
Jose Reyes26R, SB, AVG113 R, 56 SB1Consensus top 4 pick in the draft. Steals are his biggest asset, but can contribute across all categories.1
Jimmy Rollins30R, HR, SB47 SB, .349 OBP, .437 SLG1Great asset at speed. Scores a lot of runs with Utley and Howard hitting behind him. Stats last year depressed because of ankle injury 1
Rafael Furcal31R, SB36 G , 8 SB, 34 R 4-7 roundHe may be overrated because he's over 30 and had injury problems last year. But with potent Dodger lineup can score 100-120 runs and steal 25-35 bases with respectable AVG and HR2
Alexei Ramirez 27HR, RBI 22 HR, 77 RBI, 13 SB, .475 SLG, .313 OBP 3-6 roundFree swinger with great power. Will be overdrafted based on potential. Also eligible at 2nd base2
Stephen Drew 26R, HR, RBI.502 SLG, 21 HR 5-8 roundSimilar in fantasy profile to Hardy and Ramirez, but his skills can portend a greater improvement for 3rd full season2
JJ Hardy26HR, RBI 24 HR, .478 SLG7-10 round Streaky power hitter in the prime of his career who will contribute 25 HR and a decent AVG3
Troy Tulowitzki24R, RBI.332 OBP, .401 SLG 7-10 roundExtemely disappointing '08 with injury and performance. This ranking is more of a bounceback hope. Still only 24.3
Derek Jeter35R, AVG .363 OBP, .408 SLG5-8 roundStill useful, but not for the value most people give him. Declining trend in power and speed is real.3
Jhonny Peralta27R, HR, RBI104 R, 23 HR, 89 RBI, .473 SLG 6-12 round Power is there consistently. Place in Indians lineup will matter for other categories3
Miguel Tejada35R.314 OBP, .415 SLG, 13 HR, 66 RBI6-12 round Will not approach power of years past. Also, extremely slow (32 GIDP). Has lost batting eye as well4
Orlando Cabrera34 R, SB93 R, 19 SB, .334 OBP 12-15 round Solid contributor in all categories, however, has less than .400 SLG previous 2 years.4
Brandon Wood 24HRnot enough info18-21 roundAmazing power numbers in the minors. Hasn't figured out major league pitching yet.4
Yunel Escobar 26R, AVG .366 OBP12-15 roundAbove average hitter with developing skills and good strike zone control who will give you a solid contribution.4
Ryan Theriot 29R, SB, AVG22 SB, .387 OBP15-18 roundNo power, but good speed, great plate discipline. Expect .300 AVG with 20 SB and 90 R4
Edgar Renteria33 AVG.317 OBP, .382 SLG15-18 roundHas clearly lost a step, but has moved to NL, where he seems to play better. Strictly a backup in this stage of his career4
Christian Guzman31AVG.316 AVG, 23 BB18-21 round Had one of career best year last year with surprising doubles power and high average. Has poor pitch recognition, but makes contact. Might maintain AVG, but offers nothing else4
Elvis Andrus20 SBNo MLB stats18-21 roundTake a chance, get some steals. Very high talent ceiling, but probably too young to approach it this year4
Mike Aviles 28 AVG.325 AVG/ .480 SLG15-18 roundHigh contact hitter who surprised last year. Might get double digit HR again. Also eligible at 2B. 4

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Brad said...

you should've wrote Miguel Tejada -- stopped taking steroids, not worth drafting