Mar 17, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings III: Quick Hits-Oufield

Baseball season is creeping closer and closer. The WBC is a worthwhile distraction, but it's short and isn't part of the marathonic charm that each season possesses. The spring air and adjustment to daylight savings time has really given an extra jump in my step (which is good because soccer season also started this past weekend).
Therefore, here's the quick hits of my rankings for outfielders. They are also ranked in tiers and after each name is that player's strength categories in a standard 5x5 league. The first five tiers are the targets to fill out the starting lineup. Tiers six and seven are players that I feel have some risk, but are still worth pursuing, assuming the draft position is right. Notice that each tier has an increasing number of players. This is because there is more and more similarity in value as you go down the list. The key is to identify the players that will surpass last year's (and career average) totals. I'm still working on the other positions...stay tuned for them this week.
Tier 1
Manny Ramirez-AVG, HR, RBI
Ryan Braun-AVG, HR, RBI, R
Grady Sizemore-R, HR, SB
Carlos Beltran-R, HR, RBI, SB
Josh Hamilton-AVG, HR, RBI
Tier 2
Vladimir Guerrero-AVG, HR, RBI
Alfonso Soriano-R, HR, SB
Carlos Lee-HR, RBI, SB
Ichiro Suzuki-R, AVG, SB
Carl Crawford-R, SB
Matt Holliday-R, HR, AVG,RBI
Tier 3
Vernon Wells- R, RBI
Alex Rios-R, SB
Matt Kemp-AVG, R, SB, RBI
Nick Markakis-R, HR, RBI
BJ Upton-R, RBI, SB
Jason Bay-R, HR, RBI
Carlos Quentin-R, HR, RBI
Tier 4
Curtis Granderson-R, HR
Bobby Abreu-R, RBI, SB
Corey Hart-HR, SB
Adam Dunn-HR, RBI
Nate McLouth-R, SB
Jacoby Ellsbury-R, SB
Jay Bruce-HR, RBI
Magglio Ordonez-HR, RBI, AVG
Hunter Pence-AVG, RBI
Ryan Ludwick-HR, RBI
Milton Bradley-AVG, RBI
Justin Upton-HR, RBI
Andre Ethier-R, AVG, HR
Tier 5
Brad Hawpe-HR, RBI
Carlos Guillen-AVG, RBI
Jermaine Dye-HR, RBI
Johnny Damon-R, SB
Willy Taveras-SB
Michael Bourn-SB
Raul Ibanez-RBI
Pat Burrell-HR, RBI
Torii Hunter-R, RBI
Travis Snider-HR, RBI
JD Drew-R, HR, RBI
Elijah Dukes-HR, RBI
Chris Young-HR, SB
Shane Victorino-R, SB
Jayson Werth-HR, SB
Tier 6
Jack Cust-HR, RBI
Adam Lind-R, RBI
Jeff Franceour-RBI
Mike Cameron-HR, SB
Rick Ankiel-HR
Conor Jackson-AVG
Randy Winn-AVG, SB
Fred Lewis-SB
Aaron Rowand-RBI
Cody Ross-HR
Jeremy Hermida-R, RBI
Brian Giles-AVG,RBI
Xavier Nady-HR, RBI
Lastings Milledge-SB, HR
Tier 7 (young guys to take a chance on)
Colby Rasmus
Shin-Soo Choo
Cameron Maybin
Adam Jones
Chris Dickerson
Carlos Gomez
Denard Span
Felix Pie

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