Mar 16, 2009

Speaking of Panini....

With Panini buying Donruss, chronicled in way too many places to link, let me show off my newest addition to my increasingly nostalgic collection. This really got me involved in collecting more than anything else. The original sticker book filled with stickers (maybe 3/4 full) is long gone. By the age of 10, both covers were missing along with the top half of the first two pages. This seems to happen to a lot of books I own; I tend to read books multiple times. You should see my copy of Fellowship of the Ring.

So I decided to purchase a new sticker book with one box of 100 packs of stickers (retail price only 25 cents per pack!). I don't expect to get the whole set, but I will open them and stick them to my heart's content. You can see some of the results posted right here.

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Kevin said...

"Panini" makes me think of hot grilled sandwiches.