Mar 10, 2009

A note on fantasy baseball rankings

I'm currently developing my rankings by position, including every team. I hope you can appreciate some of the detail I go into. The player's name, age, team, other position eligibility, and category strengths will be described.

I've also grouped the players into tiers or levels based on where I feel or mostly where I expect them to be drafted in a 5 x5 snake-style draft. Tiers are important to me because they differentiate players of similar skill levels and expectations at a given position. This, of course, do not draft a first tier closer before a first tier outfielder or first baseman. Gauge the flow of the draft to determine when the talent drop-off at a position is too severe to let go anymore.

Next up is first baseman (this is the most comprehensive list since I did it first. In future lists, I'm omitting players I wouldn't draft at all in a 12 team mixed league to save some time. If you see any omissions, please let me know.)

Can you smell the springtime?

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