Mar 27, 2009

Fantasy Baseball Rankings VII: Quick Hits- Third Basemen and DHs

This is the last installment of rankings for this season. I ran out of time to make the detailed charts since my first draft is this Sunday.

Third base is a surprisingly shallow position at the top end. There are not many 4-5 category contributors compared to outfield or first base. It also a position where there are many players with multiple-position eligibility (i.e. Miguel Cabrera, Jorge Cantu listed in other rankings). After each player's name is their "strength" categories and where I expect them to be drafted.

Tier 1

David Wright (HR, RBI, R, AVG, SB) (1st round)

Tier 2

Alex Rodriguez (HR, RBI, R, AVG, SB) (3rd-4th round because of injury)

Chipper Jones (AVG, RBI, R) (4th-6th round)

Aramis Ramirez (R, HR, RBI) (4th-6th round)

Evan Longoria (R, HR, RBI (3rd-5th round)

Tier 3

Ryan Zimmerman (R, HR, RBI) (6th-10th round)

Chone Figgins (R, SB) (6th-8th round)

Adrian Beltre (HR) (8th-12th round)

Michael Young (R, AVG) (4th- 6th round) (SS eligibility)

Mike Lowell (HR, RBI) (6th-10th round)

Edwin Encarnacion (HR) (8th-12th round)

Garrett Atkins (HR, RBI) (4th-8th round)

Alex Gordon (R, HR, RBI) (8th round-12th round)

Tier 4

Scott Rolen (injury risk)

Troy Glaus (injured)

Mark Reynolds (200 K, low AVG)

Casey Blake (20 HR power)

Pablo Sandoval (doesn't walk, C eligibility)

Mark DeRosa (career best at age 33, 2B eligibility)

Melvin Mora (RBI)

DHs are players I might have forgotten about previously because they slot into UTIL only (in most cases). Here's the quick list of relevant DHs to consider drafting. All of their main contributions are in power categories.

David Ortiz (4th-8th round)
Jim Thome (10th-14th round)
Jason Giambi (10th-14th round)
Travis Hafner (10th-14th round)
Billy Butler (14th-18th round)
Gary Sheffield (14th-18th round)

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